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This 383 Sq Ft Tiny Home Is Now Open To Tour At Cheekwood!

This tiny house was inspired by the Swan Ball, which is a white-tie gala that benefits Cheekwood Gardens and Estate. This remarkable tiny house residence will make its Cheekwood debut this week. It’s open for public viewing. This tiny home is an absolute must-see. It features unique custom cabinetry and high-end appliances. The tiny home measures 383 square feet and feels spacious. There are vaulted ceilings above the main living space which combines the kitchen, dining and living areas. An upper loft provides enough space to accommodate a bedroom. A short hallway leads to the bathroom. There are even plans for a 10-by-12 foot addition room.

Huseby Homes founder Craig Huseby and Nichole founded Huseby Homes. This tiny house project was a learning experience. There was a steep learning curve as they had never built tiny houses before. Huseby Homes has built projects larger than 14,000 feet, including farmhouses on acreage and downtown penthouses. This tiny house project was a unique one. It featured major contributions from Noble Johnson Architects, Sierra Pacific windows by Dale Incorporated, Saw and Dust custom cabinetry, and an incredible package from Ferguson Bath, Kitchen and Lighting Gallery, which includes beautiful soft brass fixtures, lighting, and even cabinet hardware.

Although the tiny house was originally designed to be a saltbox-style structure at first, it underwent significant modifications during construction that added charm to the exterior. The tiny home boasts a gabled shake roofing, cypress lap siding in Sherwin Williams Orange White and curved dormers to give it an authentically Southern appearance. Most tiny houses on wheels have windows and doors on the sides and back to allow for the trailer wheels when they are being transported to different locations. This tiny home is however unique. To allow for huge sliding glass doors, they built the trailer platform higher that the wheels. You can access the tiny house from the side, not the back and front like a trailer. You can open the doors to the outside if it’s a sunny day.

The tiny home is filled with natural light, thanks to the front and rear dormers that let light in both the main living area as well as the loft. Jennifer Whisenant from Noble Johnson Architecture, the tiny home’s interior designer, stated that the designers wanted to bring in the outdoors. She worked with Nichole Huseby. We used natural light, natural colors, materials and textures with many types of wood to create a natural feel. Then we paired that natural feeling with sleek, soft-brushed brass fixtures. Everything is very neutral as far as color goes.




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